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Environmental / Occupational Health

Environmental services cover everything from providing all the chemistry for Environmental baseline studies through to analysis of contaminated sites. Routine monitoring of effluent waters are also a specialty.  In the mining industry acid/base accounting packages are routinely provided as are leaching studies using SWEP, MWEP and other leaching protocols. Actlabs is one of the few labs equipped with virtually all the analytical tools to completely characterize all metals. Techniques for metals and minerals include neutron activation, XRF, XRD, ICP, ICP/MS, HR-ICP/MS, FEG-SEM-EDS-MLA, Skalar autoanalyzer and Ion Chromatography. Metal Speciation using HPLC or CE HR-ICP/MS is one of our specialties as is mercury isotopic ratios. We are accredited to ISO 17025 for specific registered tests.

Specialty analyses like perchorates, pharmaceuticals in waste water,bisphenols are provided by LC/MS/MS. Other organic contaminants are analyzed by GC, GC/MS, GC/MS/MS, HPLC, LC/MS/MS.

Occupational health projects for uranium in urine, uranium isotope ratios in hair and urine and Be in urine are routinely performed.

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