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Geochemistry/Assay Overview

Actlabs is accredited to both ISO 17025 with CAN-P-1579  for specific registered tests.

Geological materials which can be analyzed include rocks, soils, organic matter, water and heavy minerals.


When deciding how to analyze your samples there are two main decisions to be made:


1.    What digestion is best for the sample?

Digestion methods include:

·         Partial Digestions (Aqua Regia)

·         “Near Total” Digestions (Four Acid)

·         Fusions (for true total digestion of materials)

·         Selective Digestions - used for discovering deeply buried, blind mineralization. Selective digestions include SGH , Enzyme Selective Extraction , Bioleach and other selective extractions.

The selection of a digestion method ultimately depends on your aims and the nature of the materials. 


2.    Do you want a geochemistry or assay package?

Two levels of analyses, GEOCHEMICAL OR ASSAY , are available at most geological laboratories. A comparison of these two package types is given below.

Geochemistry Packages

Assay Packages

·         Multi-element

·         Trace analysis

·         Accept higher errors (5-15%)

·         Low cost per element

·         Smaller set of elements

·         For mineralized samples (i.e. >1%)

·         Smaller error (2-3%)

·         More expensive per element


If you are unsure what package type or digestion is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us through our web form

As well, you may find our Orientation to Actlabs for New Clients page useful.


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