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"Quality is meeting our customers' requirements at all times and striving to exceed whenever possible."

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

QA/QC is an integral aspect of our analyses and is a key component to Actlabs' vision, strategy and mission.  Actlabs' Quality System monitors all steps and phases of our operations. Our Quality System outlines comprehensive details concerning our facilities, personnel qualifications and processes used. Additionally, we are routinely audited by four regulatory agencies that focus on continual improvement.  As a result, we continue to raise the bar with respect to quality of our services in order to exceed both their expectations and that of our customers.


Actlabs has a defined policy that ensures that all staff working in our laboratories are competent to perform the work required. New employees are trained to perform specific tasks and their ability to perform these tasks is formally assessed. Staff is routinely evaluated and up-to-date training and performance records are maintained.

Test Methods & Method Validation

Actlabs' accredited in-house methods are fully validated before being used on client samples. Our customers are regularly challenging us to help them solve their analytical and quality problems. In addition to routine analyses, we develop and validate novel approaches that provide accurate and consistent results, and are of the highest quality.

As part of our Quality System, we maintain a schedule for the maintenance and calibration of equipment used in the laboratory.


Records of calibration and performance parameters are maintained for both testing and measuring equipment.

Sample Preparation
Actlabs routinely monitors and documents the reliability of our sampling from the sample preparation process.  This ensures that sub-samples taken (e.g. from a crushed rock split) are reliable and representative of the original sample submitted.

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