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Actlabs México's high-volume facility in Zacatecas was inaugurated in August 2010. This lab has over 1500 square meters of working space. The sample preparation department with over 500 square meters of working area has a capacity to process 1000+ samples a day. This department consists of three main production lines and an isolated sieving section for soil samples. Its modern, efficient dust extraction system maintains a dust free environment.

Actlabs zacatecas_Prep 2.jpg Actlabs Zacatecas_Prep.jpg

The fire assay department has two modern LPG fired fusion furnaces, two cupelling furnaces, one of which is dedicated to Ag analysis. For fast and efficient loading and offloading of samples, each furnace has a multi pour system.

Actlabs zacatecas_ fire assay 4.jpg

The analytical department is equipped with modern and state of the art equipment including two AAS, two electronically controlled fume hoods and an ICP unit. Weighing balances for base metals and gravimetric are connected to our LIMS, which increases efficiency and reduces manual input to zero. Our electronically controlled fume hood simplifies digestion, controlling every phase of the digestion minimizing over drying etc.

Actlabs Mexico_AA.jpg fume hood 3 Actlabs Zacatecas.jpg

Actlabs Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Calle Cantera # 3200

Conjunto Industrial de la Plata

Guadalupe, Zacatecas C.P 98604, MEXICO

Tel: (52) 492 998 1091
Fax: (52) 492 998 1092

E-mail: mexico@actlabs.com

Actlabs Mexico S.A. de C.V. - Sample Prep, Fire Assay, ICP, and AA

Actlabs Mexico S.A. de C.V ISO Certificate
Actlabs Mexico handout (English & Spanish)

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