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Actlabs Venezuela C.A was officially opened in August of 2007. With state of the art equipment, this spacious facility with a unique in-line process flow has the capacity to process over 1000 samples per day. The sample preparation department with a total area of + 330 square meters consists of four TM Terminator Crushers and four TM pulverizers. 

Drying capacity with two controlled temperature dryers is over 1200 samples a day. The Fire assay department (200 sq. meters) – capacity of +1000 samples/day - consists of two (2) fire assay furnaces and two cupelling furnaces. There is an isolated weighing section of over 60 square meter. Wet lab consists of over 400 square meters of work area and some of the equipment includes two AAS equipment, two fume hoods two analytical balances and  wide range of essential glassware for all routine analyses.

Code Method Weight Detection Limit
1A2 Au - Fire Assay-AA (geochem) 30g 5-3000ppb
1A2-50 Au - Fire Assay-AA (geochem) 50g 5-3000ppb
1A3-30 Au - Fire Assay-Gravimetric (assay) 30g 0.03-1,000g/t
1A3-50 Au - Fire Assay-Gravimetric (assay) 50g 0.02-1,000g/t
1A4 Au - Fire Assay-Metallic Screen (assay) 250/500g 0.03-1,000g/t
1A4-1000 Au - Fire Assay-Metallic Screen (assay) 1000g 0.03-1,000g/t
DoreAu Bullion 2g up to 99.99%

Code Digestion Elements
8-AR Aqua Regia Cu, Ag, Fe, Ni, Zn

Actlabs Venezuela C.A.
Zona Industrial Tumeremo
Troncal 10, KM565, Tumeremo
Estado Bolivar, Venezuela
Tel: +04165925700

Actlabs Venezuela - Crucibles for Fire Assay

Actlabs Venezuela - Fire Assay

Actlabs Venezuela - AA
Activation Laboratories Ltd. | 41 Bittern Street, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 4V5, Canada | TF: +1.888.228.5227
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