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Due to numerous requests from our clients, and the positive response received from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Actlabs decided to establish a Preparation Laboratory in Guyana.
Actlabs Guyana initiated operations in November 2008 with a 200 sample/day sample preparation laboratory.  This lab provided valuable services to the Guyana mining sector and the Government of Guyana through the GGMC. Being a global company, the same technologies used in all of our other laboratories were transferred to our Guyana operations.  Emphasis was also placed on the training of all persons employed by Actlabs thus guaranteeing a high-quality of service to Guyana’s clients. 

In 2012, based on market response and the requirements of our clients, a full analytical laboratory was commissioned.  Shortly thereafter, Actlabs Guyana was certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

In July 2016, Actlabs Guyana commissioned a new facility located in the Aurora Gold Minesnorthwest Guyana. This facility provided a 24-hour operation to the AGM, Guyana Gold Fields Processing Plant.

Transfer of technology was accomplished through the training of local staff by our overseas technicians. To achieve this expansion, Actlabs had to be relocated to another location in Beterverwagting, lot 27/28 Industrial Area.

Actlabs' commitment to continually improve the services it provides to the mining industry endeavored and achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in July 2016.  The certificate was awarded by The Registrar Company which conducted an independent external audit on July 20 to 21, 2016. This achievement underscores the fact that the level of quality service provided by Actlabs Guyana meets International Standard and represents a significant milestone in our journey to customer service excellence.

Certification by the ISO guarantees that Actlabs Guyana can provide certified analysis to international mining companies undertaking exploration activity in Guyana, an indispensable requirement for mining companies affiliated to the various stock exchanges. 

In just over nine years Actlabs Guyana progressed from a 150 sample/day preparation facility employing six people, to a full high-volume state-of-the art analytical laboratory, providing direct employment to a total of forty-five people and indirect employment for an additional fifteen people.
Our global presence in major mining countries around the world has strengthened our client base. Our goal of always being an asset to our clients and contributing positively to their project has been a major factor in the increased diversity of our clientele. 
In 2017, Actlabs Guyana was awarded the National “Gold Service Award for Quality” for companies operating in Guyana. 
Sample Prep – 1000 sample/day capacity    
Fire Assay – 1200 samples/day capacity 
Chem Lab
Actlabs Guyana
27/28 Parcel Beterverwagting
Industrial Area, East Coast Demerara, GUYANA
Email: guyana@actlabs.com

Sample Preparation

Fire Assay

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